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I'm 32 and really haven't had a real relationship. I was always open to the opportunity but never had the chance. So, I feel like I'm too damaged to ever be in one. My mom, for what I know, she's been single since I was 4. Meaning, I had never seen a man live in my home. I never knew of any guy she was dating. My mom never had any ungles or bothers and my dad was never in my life. Till this day, I have never lived with a man. I have a ten year old daughter and I don't want her to follow the same pattern as me and my mom. I daugher came from a relationship in college, that was so short. And we broke up before I got pregnant. Thats part of my issue too. My question is, I'm I too damaged to ever be in a relationship at my age. I ask bc, man my age or older want someone that's mature in handling relationships. I'm not. I usually get man that try to treat me like shit. So, I choose not to date a lot. And when I do date, it never goes any where. The older I get, I get scared. And I end up doing desperate shit, trying to be with someone that doesn't want me. It me, and my ways why I'm still single. The only way I will change is if I learn. And I think no one will ever take the time out to understand and teach me as we build a relationship.
Also, I have huge relationship issues, starting from me never seeing a healthy relationship. My dad family never wanted to be in my life, my mom's family was always distant and I was kind of a loner through out school. When I was able to explore, I got pregnant and had to come back home. No regrets at all. I think I'm good looking. But looks don't matter cause I'm still single.


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  • I know how you feel. I am 33 and never been in a relationship. I think the first thing you need to do is try and sort out your relationship issues.

  • Just stay you you're pretty awesome 🙂


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