Girls, how often do you get approached by different guys?

Hi girls how many guys do you have come up to during the week? Is there anything I can do anything to set myself apart from the pack? I'm fit muscular and told I have a good face structure but the only down side is I have red hair and I'm naturally introveted. I've list a lot of faith in women I hardly get a match in tinder which doesn't help and puts me down because that app tells the hard truth and I don't really trust women anymore after seeing two friends getting cheated on. I can be one of the boys really easly and talk about women like they're all stupid and get all the boys laughing but underneath that I just wanna meet a nice girl


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  • I can't remember the last time a man approached me in a non-platonic sense, despite GaG thinking all women have to bat men off with a big stick it doesn't actually happen that way for those of us who are not what society deems as "attractive". Having a vagina doesn't give you magical powers... Ok it does, but that's supposed to be a secret!

  • never. not for a long time anyway.


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