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So I've been this girl for almost 2 years she has a pattern of maybe every 6 month she'll breakup or say I need space I still have feeling for my ex-. Then when I back off she hunts me like crazy. I give her my world. I show her the best and I do love her. last night as usual she pulled it again from no where. That those feelings are back.. I stop responding to her calls and text. She has express to me countless times she likes me a lot... What do I do leave her alone for good or what. the most I ever backed off was like 3 days then she's starts looking for me every where my job emailing going to my parents house and stuff and apologizing. she's worth all to me. What do I do?


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  • Tbh I think you should leave her. Clearly this girl doesn't have her feelings straightened out for you. She simply likes to have your attention when she gets tired of it she asks for space and as soon and she feels she needs it she goes back to you. I don't know in my opinion you should think that she is going to keep doing that to you so it's really up to you whether or not you'll want to put up with it. She sound very indessesive. If you feel she's the one for you then go right ahead and stick it out for her but like I said it sounds like she doesn't know what she wants

    • Well like you said she doesn't know what she wants after 2 years. its crazy. im kinda sick of it thou and it sucks because I love her

    • i think your right i should leave her alone if its meant to be , it will be she pointed out that the more she tries to like me the she feels like she looses connection with me and her feeling for her ex arises , so seems like its 2 years of wasted time , but i don't regret falling for her she a good person , ill leave her for now maybe she come around when she's ready or never , i should focus on other things and move on , only future will tell. i crazy about you lol , i hope it works

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