Is this information too sensitive to share with her?

Been on a few dates with a girl and she was free today or this Sunday, but my dad has had to go into hospital with a heart problem so we're about to go with him.

Is this something I should mention to the girl I'm seeing or should I completely avoid sensitive subjects? We act like boyfriend/girlfriend and we're intimate with each other, she contacts me a lot and shared that she was on her period, had to go into hospital because of her leg, etc.

I don't know if it's a good idea, as it sets a negative mood rather than the positive one I've been creating, but she shares her own things and I'd likevto include her in mine.

I was thinking of arranging our date on Sunday, then letting her know about it once I know the outcome of my dad's health but fear it is too sensitive.


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What Girls Said 2

  • If I were dating a guy and he shares something as personal as that with me, I would feel honoured. It shows that he trusts me enough to show his vulnerable side. It's ok that it's negative. It will most likely lead to you bonding on a deeper level. Go for it, tell her...

    • I was going to text her to see me at 5pm this Sunday at so and so place, then mention about my dad having to go into hospital, or should I not say it straight up and that something has happened and that i'll let her know the outcome in a few days?

    • I think it's ok to tell her what you know so far, then update her as you learn more. She will probably offer her support while you are going through this...

  • Tell her. It will bring you closer that you can trust her with hard things that are going on in your life

    I really hope your dad will be okay!


What Guys Said 1

  • It's only "too sensitive" if you deem it so. Since you've been on a few dates, and she's shared a few things, I thing it's "ok."


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