Would you like to know you're talking to the same person if you were lied to?

My current situation with this guy (X) started way back when I was a then quiet, awkward 13 year-old with braces and acne problem. He was only a year older and somehow still seemed interested in me. Months later, I found out it was a dare with his friends but according to him (after he apologized) claimed that it was real what he felt for me, that he still wanted me even. Being already ridiculed at school by others, I never really forgave him. Moved to another school after that terrible year ended and decided do some changes.

5 years later (now I'm 18):
Through a friend, I bumped into X but this time as a party goth girl, shorter black hair with red highlights, green contact lenses, no acne and no braces. Apparently thought he didn't recognize me, he did said ''You seemed a bit familiar, as if I talked to you before'', which I excuses it by saying I'm the distant cousin and gave him a fake name.
This lying has now been going on for about 2 months now (my closest friend knows) but he then admitted to me about missing my former version (unaware that he was talking to the same person) and how he didn't lie about his feelings but she never believed him, how he wished she would forgive him, etc along with describing her as sweet, one that would never lie or deceive others, relationship material and how there aren't many like her.

Through a friend, I got informed that he only likes me but doesn't seemed me as future relationship material. So what now? I tell him I'm really the same person? Would you like to know if I lied to you in that manner?

At first, I wanted to get even but now I don't know. I'm starting to feel shitty, esp after he confessed about missing my old version.
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  • No, you should moved on since he doesn't like the new version of you
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What Guys Said 1

  • I think he knows it's you already and is trying to tell you the reality in 3rd person. Why else would he say these things to you?
    Have you seen the movie "you've got mail"? It's just like that


What Girls Said 2

  • You need to tell him the truth. Explain to him that you were hiding who you were because you were so hurt by his past actions. Maybe it is time to start fresh and let the past, stay in the past!.

  • Yes, I would like to know I've been talking to the same person


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