Why did he suddently think of me?

Two years ago I had a fling with a guy friend. The first night I met him I hooked up with his best friend when drunk. As we got to know each other more as friends I started liking him. He told me nothing could ever happen between us because I had hooked up with his friend. he moved back home to another province and started his own company. We still snapchat from time to time and he always like my Fb photos. But the other day after not hearing from him for over a year he texted me drunk to say he missed me. I said someone had a good night of drinking he said he did but he meant it. He said he thinks we would be cute together and regrets not getting to know one another. His sister is getting married in a week and it was his bday when he texted me. Should I not take this seriously did he only text me because he's lonely or would a guy not say these things if he didn't mean them on some level?


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  • he want to have a relationship with you


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