What should do if my boyfriend isn't in love with me, but he stays with me because I'm a good woman?

I've been in a relationship with a guy I love for a month. He has said he loves me, but I feel like he doesn't really "love" me, rather he sees what a good woman I am and that is why he's with me. He's had his heart broken so many times and now that he's found the type of woman who won't break his heart he is staying with me to be safe. I really want to make him happy and I want a real love. What should I do?


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  • You need to slam on the breaks here, Sister! You've been together for a month, if it's a year or two I could understand where you're pitching from.


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  • It's been only a month, you guys need more time together to feel more comfortable around each other and really trust each other. When he says he loves you, you have only the choice to trust him. For now. And show him he can trust you by trusting him first.
    Just take it easy.

    • Thank you for MH.
      I think sometimes it's hard for a woman to trust someone and feel accepted, and each day is a different day.
      But EVEN if your boyfriend made a more self-conscious decision when he chose to date you, the fact that he had those heartbroken experiences may actually make him treasure you more now and in the future. That's also important.

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  • Why do you feel so insecure? What if this man genuinely loves you? Just try talking to him if you feel like he's just being with you for the wrong reasons.

    • I think talking to him about it would scare him away. Yes I am insecure and "needy" and I just try to hide that side because guys run from that.

    • Smart move. If you don't want to confront him, why not test him?

  • Wtf you've been together a month. Slow your roll.


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