Girls, When you fancy a Quiet/Shy guy, how do you get his attention or go and talk to him?


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  • If I like that kind of guy (though it's rare) I would try to just be there at all the places where he exists. Not everywhere like boys locker room Lol
    That will be creepy or stalky.
    Then I will observe him from distance, the kind of guys he hang around.
    Hopefully by then he would have noticed me checking him out. So after few days I'll pass him a smile. And if he smiles back I'll move on to a small head nod.
    Then if things go smooth then I'll approach him with a small hello.

    • thanks :) Why is is rare for you to fancy a quiet/shy guy?

    • Hehe I don't have anything against quiet guys. It's just that I like being upfront with my feelings. I can't stand the games or the usual protocol for asking someone out. If I like someone I'll tell them. So I expect the same from the guys.
      The quiet ones... they wait. They wait a lot. But they are so CUTE!!! They blush! They are very sensitive. Just not straightforward enough for my liking.

    • nice !!

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