Do you find it hard to date when you're young and strongly committed to future goals?

I don't date much because the few times it's become 'serious' it gets messy. I'm moving to another state to do training for 3 months then I can't be 100% sure where my career will take me. Travel comes with the job but the guys I've dated never wanted to do any long distance dating which I understand but I'm very committed to my career and the path I'm taking. I'm willing to make sacrifices if someone special came along and they were willing to compromise but my career really does come first and I can't expect anyone to be okay with that. Will it always be hard if I travel a lot? Or are some guys okay with it?


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  • I'm career-oriented as well and would prefer someone who would be the same.
    It would be fine for me if someone I like traveled a lot because of the job.


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