Should I move on - I don't want to be heart broken?

Jason & I have been friends for 8 years.

He knew I was dating someone (I had been for about 2 yrs) & I spoke to him about how my relationship was ending due to differences.

After we had this conversation, he expressed interest in me. He said it was sudden & it was just a slight interest. He then kissed me. Prior to this conversation, I realized I was slightly interested in Jason too.

He has since reassured me & told me that he is interested. He is apprehensive becase he doesn't get how all of a sudden we both felt something that never existed before & he doesn't want to be a rebound. He said he likes me but needs to be honest like we have always been with each other & he loves that.

When we are together - he is always holding me or pulling me near him. He is always looking at me& touching me &being flirty which is somehting that is out of character for him since he is not normally a flirty guy. He is always holding my hand or putting his arms around me & telling me how pretty i am. He also keeps making comments about how I am the type of girl he wants to be with because we are friends and he loves my company. I think he really likes me - but...

He has really distanced himself in communication - texting he won't really respond if at all. & this past weekend we hung out with a few people & he all of a sudden seemed nervous & a little cold. Given, he was sick when we were with people, but he had never been stand offish before. It was almost as if he intentionally was trying to be different towards me. This is a switch from what he had been like 3 days prior when we hung out last (he wouldn't keep his hands off me)

I texted him that night & told him I wanted to make sure he was ok because he seemed a little off & I wanted to make sure he was alright & I am here to talk. He never got back to me - it has been 24 hrs.

Thoughts? Is he playing games or should I move on? Since we have been frien


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  • There can be no gain without some risk. I would say there is something there. However never start a relationship while you currently are in one. The fact that you like someone else is grounds enough to break tings up as you no longer feel the same way. Then I say, go for it. You both like eachother see what happens and good luck.


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