Does she she me as something serious or a causal date?

Well I started seeing a girl from tinder, we have a lot in common. When we started talking and I asked what she was looking for she said she say nothing really serious right now, just seeing what’s out there. Well we talked every day for the last month since then, kind of one big rolling conversation throughout the day. If she takes a while to respond because she is busy or falls asleep. She always says she is sorry, telling me why she didn’t. She is a very busy girl with school and two jobs, but always finds time to talk. Well we finally went on a date which went well. Which she was the first to call it a date during the night. She was laughing and smiling and staring at me all night when we talked which we did for about 5 hours. I told her she was beautiful, which she said she was average and nothing special, so I told her she was wrong and why I thought so. Which she got all red and smiling a lot. Well towards the end she started touching me lightly as we talked, finally as we were leaving she held my hand and resting her head on me as we were walking. So we ended up kissing and making out, then hooking up later on at her place. We still talk the same and I pretty sure she wants to go on another this week. I forgot to add she worries about me spending too much money or pampering her to much because she thinks she is nothing special.

I know it is very early to tell. Do you guys think she likes me enough to want a relationship? Or am I a just another Causal date along with others or friends with benefits?
Another thing, She never hid her phone from me or at least it didn't seem it. She showed it to me a few times, show pictures. And left it face up over night I think.


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  • She said nothing serious.


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