Am I officially in the friend zone?

Ok me and this girl talks and I'm not totally sure if she likes me I get the vibe she does but I'm not totally sure her body language gives me the right signs she laughs at almost anything I say.. She says she loves spending time with me everything but I haven't gone out and told her I like her she knows I know she does because I don't hide that I do... So today I'm flying back home because school is officially out and she wants to go to the mall when I get home and I'm wondering is that a good thing or bad thing like is this her way of basically doing a safe date at the mall I'm not really sure I've never went to the mall with a girl I'm not together with so its new


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  • I don't think your friendzone. I think it's a good chance to hang out together alone in a relaxed non-date atomsphere.


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