My ex boyfriend and his new girl?

I still love my ex boyfriend. We broke up because we weren't getting along at all. I still miss what we had.

I am still single while he has got a new girl. He's really gorgeous looking and I keep hearing how his new girl is completely in awe with him

We have a few mutual friends and they keep telling me that they are inseparable. Their activity is always a topic for discussion.

They keep saying how those two are like a pair of thirsty sluts who can't go a day with f**king each other.

I don't like hearing all this. He never acted like this with me. Why her?


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  • Had a similar feeling the other day.. Except it was my friend saying this to me.. 'His new girlfriend is really good looking and he looks really happy. He didn't put up pictures of you 2 together on facebook but he does with her'.. It cut, It cut deep ( was together over 3 years.. New girl: a month).
    I asked the same thing? .. why her? she's so vanilla and he wasn't like that with me? . why?

    My advice: Tell your friends it doesn't concern them.. Also relise that although mutual.. That's not the case here by the sounds of it. (We all have loyalties and are more loyal to one person than the other.. Fact).
    These friends are probably cheerleaders for your ex but also your friends too.

    You've also answered your own question.. you weren't getting along. She's in awe of him and it makes him feel good about himself (Exactly the same as with my ex). So he feels good about himself which makes him want to be around her more= Sex. It's human nature, It's not healthy but we do it. It fades as well by the way and so does the lust... Short term happiness.
    Don't compete.. Work on yourself and you could find long term happiness with the right guy.

    Also you have to ask your self this..
    You said you miss what you had with him. But do you actually miss him? x


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  • stalker obsessed ex girlfriend detected... .


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  • You should stop asking about his relationship with your mutual friends, or ask that your mutual friends cease talking about his relationship EVEN if you ask about it.

    You're just torturing yourself with questions you will never get the answers to, and at this point when he has clearly moved on, you need to move on too. There's a reason you two broke up, remember that. And you will find a guy that you like even more than him that you get along with way better too :)


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