Guys, do you believe that women care more about good looks or confidence?

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  • Confidence. I've seen many ugly or not the best looking guys get gfs but they were confident. I have guy friends who are handsome fellas, yet they're too insecure and are afraid to approach women and date. Even if they get approached, which they do, they still feel too insecure to let go and date.

    I think for guys though, it's opposite. They can "work" with a chick who isn't confident more than an ugly girl with confidence.

    Not all men, and not all women of course. But I think it's more common.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Confidence, but not arrogance.


What Guys Said 3

  • Well, it depends. For very attractive men, confidence isn't as necessary. For very unattractive men, I think confidence isn't very helpful. For those in between (which is most of us), confidence is very helpful.

    • well thats kind of the point of women caring more about confidence than looks.. if you're very unattractive, you NEED confidence to get quality girls. your confidence will make up for it since girls care more about that than your looks

  • Confidence is key, but only comes after looks. You can't be confident when not attractive at all to them.

  • Confidence matters only if the looks are already there.

    • ok. thanks for your input

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