Girls, Under 25, could you date a bald guy your age?

Assume he shaved his head from hairloss or something (still has eyebrows)

HONESTY here, I admit I have high standards. Also just go by physical attraction on the poll
  • Sorry to me baldness is disgusting
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  • I wouldn't say it makes him look bad, but this young, it's enough of a turn off I most likely wouldn't
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  • A guy can still be attractive physically for me to date even with no hair
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See this greatly depresses me because just because I lost hair means I should have to date a less attractive girl as well? Why shouldn't I when I take very good care of my self and have ambitions in life have to accept a girl who doesn't attract me? A man can do nothing about lost hair, a person can lose weight etc but not regrow hair


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  • It's not a deal breaker. Some men are really attractive when they shave their head. It's not the best but some men can really pull it off. So it totally depends on the guy

    • You would actually be able to date one though?

      And I'm told I rock by most everyone, and non bullshit people as well, so it's not just family or a close friend etc, he'll one friend girlfriend even told me she thought I was really attractive etc and my friend even said it was awkward around me with how she talked about me, funny thing is I'm the opposite what you picture a 'pulled off' bald look type guy. I'm skinny and pale, however I'm not a pencil neck, I work out enough to have tons but all the guys in my family are like 140 lbs even a gym but only gained a few pounds, and my skin just doesn't tan at all, however my headshape is okay and my face fits it well which is why I think I get away with it

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