No experience with relationships and need a little advice. Can you help?

So I met this guy three years ago in a different country at a club. We have been in contact and communitcating ever since. Even now. He travels around the world since he is a professional athlete in not a very popular sport but still popular in some countries. He eventually traveled to the U. S. and has been coming back from U. S. to mexico to visit family and coming back to work here U. S. We always had a connection and eventually got together. I went to visit him in U. S. and it was far. Lets just say it did not work out as I hoped during that time.
We had sex (pressure I guess) which was my first time (he knows this and he is my first kiss as well.) I guess I made the mistake of wanting more in which he didn't and then he did. I am still confused about it. Summary, he did not treat me the way I wanted to be treated and it hurt me and I told him so. Ever since then I wanted space he kept contacting me to see if I was okay but never comforted me. I gues he did not know what to do when a woman is upset. Eventually I told again I needed space to figure all this out and told him we should be friends. So we stopped talking for 6 months (maybe talking once in a while) and then he contacts me again wanting me to visit him and decides that he is going to come and visit me (due to the fact that I am in going to medschool can't travel right now). I still love him dearly and I care about him (he knows that) I guess I am wondering if this is going to get messy or can it turn out ok. If should take it slow and see where it goes? or just be friends?
His friends know me and his family knows about me. They are very sweet to me and still are till this day. The guy that I am seeing is older 30 and I am 22. We have a great connection. I honestly think that the reason we had a problem when I visited him was a problem with communication meaning I am learning Spanish he is learning English (we speak well and do well but sometimes we have communication problems we try to fix them) Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. Your really helping me a ton.
He said that he might (wants to move to the U. S) but changed his mind to Europe. Basically he is not sure.


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  • He did not comfort you as he doesn't feel the same as you. In my opinion he sees you as a hook up and not relationship material

    • Okay thank you for your answer. I never thought I would be "hook up" material. I guess he will never see me differently. That really sucks. I guess I will have to cut him off. thanks again for your honesty.

    • I'm sorry but if he knew he was your first , he really should have been gentile with you. His callousness is sickening. I'm sorry that what I see isn't what you hoped for young Lady

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