Boyfriend says he has some concerns about the long term possibility?

He's said it twice in six months and only after I got upset about something. I wasn't throwing a fit he just avoids conflict at any and all costs then puts it on me saying I'm not easy going. These weren't little things I was upset about and would be problem behavior in any relationship.

I ask him what his concerns are but he doesn't tell me. Then I feel like if you don't think this will be long term then why not bring it up on your own and breakup with me. I feel like he uses it as a wildcard to try and check me anytime I express me feelings.

If he truly has concerns then why not ever bring them up before. It makes me confused and makes me feel abandoned. I'm just trying to gain some understanding and communication. Why would he say this but continue on with me in a relationship? If you don't want to break up or talk about it why bring it up?


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  • If he isn't willing to talk about these problems, I would have long term issues with him. Talking and communication are key and I would let him know that. I hate confrontation as well but I'm always willing to have a civil conversation to work things out. Otherwise things build up and don't go anywhere good. I would talk to him about it, including your concerns and see what happens.


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  • He's staying for the sex

    • My thought exactly. But I actually think it came down to him just wanting to maintain a relationship to prove that he could.

      But still he needs to leave, he loves my dog more than me (she's amazing). It isn't quite just sex but it IS completely about him which I'm not down for that. I was car sick on a trip and his BFF turned against me even though I was happy the rest of the day. But yeah if he is sticking around after those comments then I need to peace out.

    • You're wasting your time in a relationship that's going nowhere

    • Agreed.

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