Asked my friend on a date, she said she'll consider it. Is that a yes or a no?

So to start things off I'll let you know some background stuff. I'm a 19yo dude about to start my second year in college. She's a senior in high school. I've known this girl since middle school, and we've been working together for 2 years. We've always gotten along and love to work together, but recently I've been getting a different vibe. Whenever she goes outside and comes back in she'll put her hands on my face to show me how cold they were, or a high five will suddenly turn into her grabbing my hand and squeezing it. And I mean hand holding style, like with interlocked fingers. She's a very friendly person, so maybe I'm just missenterpretting her actions. She's recently single, so I decided to work up the courage to ask her out on a date. I waited till the end of our shift, and just as she was leaving I stopped her and said "would you like to go to dinner sometime?". Her face got beet red, she smiled and said "I'll consider it" and walked out the door. It's been a day and I haven't talked to her since, so I'm just wondering what's going through her mind. Is she saying yes and playing coy, or is she saying no and trying not to her my feelings?


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  • It's a maybe, but if you haven't talked since and she hasn't brought it up then it's probably a no.

    • We don't really talk outside of work, and I haven't worked with her since I asked. So I'm not really sure what she's thinking

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    • Good advice, thank you

    • You're welcome, good luck!

  • Its a no. Maybe, I'll consider it, I'll think about it, possibly all mean no to a female. The only time she means yes is when she says yes. Sorry dude move on. You've been friendzoned


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  • It's a, there is a lot I have to consider first. That's why I waited to ask out my current girlfriend for so long. There were things I had to sort out/figure out first.


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