Do I like him because I like him? Or do I like him to get over someone else?

First off... dont ever develop feelings for someone you work with.
I began to like a guy about 4 months ago. He asked me out though we never went out. I still had to see him because we work together. A new guy came in around the time me and the first guys relationship turned sour by ignoring each other. With this new guy, Jimmy, he was cute and quiet. I focued all of my attention to him hoping to get over the first guy, Adam. Well I would always flirt with Jimmy and soon began to have deep feelings for him and really like him. Jimmy never asked me out or for my number. So within four months I really liked two guys who I had to see on a weekly basis.

After awhile me and Jimmys relationship went south. He started saying things like "youre rude" or "Well you're annoying and needy" sure they had a humorous "sarcastic" tone to them but I knew he was saying these things with truth behind them. He calls me weird and the other night I asked a coworker how he was doing and Jimmy goes "She weirds you out doesn't she?". Ovbiously he's not very nice to me.

OK hang in there with me cause I need some advice asap. This other guy who is very sweet to me (which is a change compared to A and J who werent very kind to me) asked me out. I like him becuase he's nice but Im not sure I like-like him.

So do I go out with him knowing I still have somesort of feelings for Adam and Jimmy?

Its hard to move on from them because I have to see them weekly. Please help me out with any advice.


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  • you like him to get over from someone else


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