If I like a guy but my friend does also and the guy likes me but I never told him I liked him what do I do?

He likes me. I like him. But my friend does also o-o
The guy likes me. Not meh friend. But my friend likes him. And I like him a bit.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Let the guy pick? its a bit straight forward but if you both friend then best let the guy pick to be fair


What Girls Said 1

  • If both you and your friend like the same guy, you have to sit down and talk with her and see what she says and see if she minds. And if she does mind you shouldn't date the guy. gals before pals!

    • But the guy likes me. He does not like my friend so that is the problem

    • But that wouldn't be nice to your friend, you have to observe the situation. If you know your friend is going to be mad at you because of that who's more important the guy or your friend that will be their forever

    • I am pretty sure the correct answer is friend xD

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