Why do I feel this way?

I can't stop thinking about this girl, to me she is prefection and it kills me knowing we can't be. I genuinely feel down like not being with her makes me want to sleep to try and hide from the hole I am left with as she is the only person that fills the void.


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  • You love her

    • Really? How? Surely I don't love someone who doesn't share the feeling

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    • Try to avoid contact with her and get rid of anything that remindsyou of her. It'll be hard to begin with but it'll get easier.

    • That i can't, everything i do reminds me of her now even the way i speak reminds me of her. She is always on my mind first thing im the morning and last thing at night. When im with her everything seems easy like the whole world stops for me and her, with no care in the world and now she is my world and its my world i care about

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