I have a crush on a younger guy , any tips?

He's only one year younger.. i have no idea wether he's okay with the idea of dating an older woman.. " although i look way younger than my own age "

I caught him staring a lot and he smiles to me a lot too , we chatted only couple of times and the only time we did it online was through f. b chat i started it and it lasted for 4 hrs non stop but he didn't take initiative again..

What should i do to get close to him?


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  • Be yourself if he only likes you for stuff your doing for him then its not love its being kind and although being kind is great but its not love. and about the one year gap that shouldn't be a problem at your age.

    • I dnt do things to him thu
      Am kind by my nature
      thanks for the tips and if you hv extra of them

  • Try to get to know him better and try being the one to start the conversation because if he is a shy guy that likes you he will rarely start the conversation.

    • He is shy !
      But i dnt like the thought of me doin all the work for him it will make me look needy nd he will feel like he got me easily nd so lose interest :(

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    • Nd by the way WOW what you said makes sense !

    • Talk to him about anything just say wassup to him and continue on from there if your not greater with hellos then don't even start with a hello immediately just start talking randomly to him about anything and to build up his confidence tease jokingly him but also give him compliments about things tell him that he's cute and because he is shy he won't think that's weird he will think that the fact that he wasn't the first one to say hello was weird.

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