What does it mean when a guy wants you to meet his friends?

Ok so they guy I'm sleeping with made it very clear what he wanted in the beginning. He said how he wants us to be on the low because his baby's mama is crazy, and how she will try to harm me if she finds out. I took it as he just wants to fuck an that all its going to be. He keeps contant contact with me never taking more than 2 days to hit me. So this morning he text me saying he has been planning an adventure for us. Which made me think what? He must be thinking about me. He also said how he told his friend about me and now she wants to meet me. I told him if he's trying to have 3 some I'm not interested. He text back say lol your funny. I told him yea ok. He then says relax I got you. I'm confused I don't really know what this means.


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  • It matters less what HE wants but what you want out of it. If you're down for the potentiality of it growing into something serious, then go for it. Because it sounds like it could be heading that way.


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  • He WA ts you to meet his friends because they want you as a fuck also


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