Do you think I have a chance on her?

So this girl is truly a gorgeous and elegant lady. She studies Classical Art and European History, and she is really good on dressing up. Her clothes do not look complicated and not revealing, but she really looks very classy and attractive.
Thus she is very popular among boys. She is good on social things, but I am sure that she is single and she never hooks up. Actually, I heard she is quite serious on the relationship.
I am, on the contrary, a Math nerd who is a little bit shy and do not know a lot about dressing up. My clothes are totally not messy, but definitely not fashionable. And I am quite shy. I can make friends with girls, but I am really nervous on her.
We had talked a few times before. Since I am shy, we never had in-depth talks. She is quite friendly, but I never tried to ask her out. I cannot know what she thinks about me.
Do you think I have a chance on her? And how and what should I do?
Anyone can give a help?


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  • probably not... she obviously cares about looks so you have to step up your fashion game like wear good stuff that reflects your personality and all

    • Beside learning to dress up, what else can I do?

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    • well she prolly being friendly just to be polite. but this is all i can think of for this cause thats all i know about her and the classics r obviously important to her

    • Do you think a girl may date an average-looking guy?
      I do not think a lot of guys are as fashionable as she is because her mother is also an artist and photographer.

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