Ex and I are being flirty again? Looking for MHO please 🙄?

It's been 6 months since our split and a lot of hard feelings in between. Prior to this conversation, he told me he's not had sex with anyone since us and all the rest. Then, we seemed to end up flirting a good bit which resulted in exchanging pictures. He's grey and I'm blue... what's your opinion?
Ex and I are being flirty again? Looking for MHO please πŸ™„?


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  • What did you guys break up? Did he break up with you? Ho long were you together?

    • We broke up because he was at breaking point, I had a really bad hormonal imbalance (we had no idea about it at the time, I only found out a few months ago) and my moods were... awful. I didn't take our relationship as seriously as he did. He wanted to go steady with me and ultimately have me as his wife and mother his children. But I kept pushing him away. Right to breaking point, and it got to the point he couldn't take it anymore. We ended pretty badly I guess. And he's closed off, so even flirting a little is a start for him. We were together for a year.

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    • Aww yea! Good for you, keep it up girl! Thanks for MHG :D

    • You're very welcome Mrs! :) x

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  • All I'm getting from that message is that he wants to have physical contact with you.
    Someone that truly wants to get back with you, would say that.
    It's pretty clear to see he's missing intimacy.

    • But how we started out was by flirting anyway, then we built on that. And I know I said above he's not had sex since me? Well, me and him never had sex anyway and I'm still a virgin. He knows this. I miss intimacy too. But being intimate is maybe what we both need to fix this.

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    • Please, take into account I'm only going off of what you have stated and the message shown.
      Now that you're giving more information my opinion is slightly different.
      Sure, the flirtation is still there but this will go no where if someone doesn't take a more aggressive approach to things.
      By this I mean, speaking about where you stand now and where you want to be.

    • I know you are :). I just felt it was maybe important that I added that part in. You're right though, somebody has to be more aggressive/straight up. I just think I need to wait until the time is right for that though is all. And knowing when the time is right isn't easy!

  • This picture isn't too exploitable to be honest, but seems like you still like each other then.

    • Yeah I couldn't fit much in... but that's what I thought too. Surely he wouldn't flirt if he was truly through with me is what I'm thinking.

    • I agree girly!

    • Well, thanks ☺️

  • I don't KNOW! MAYBE?

    • I don't know either haha

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