Girl from gym suddenly reappeared after a long absence , now not sure what to do?

i really liked her when i first meet her this year but i stopped going to the gym during the summer and lost touch with her. then when i returned this fall she was no where to be found last 2 months. so basically hadn't seen her for a while. until i ran into her at gym after work today. i noticed her when she walked in and eventually said hi to her and made some small talk when she was getting ready to work out.

but i was leaving as i had allready been there for a while when she appeared. i was caught off guard by her being there as i didn't even think she was around as she only moved here for work and i though she might of went back home. now i don't really know what to do , i had a hard time getting a feel for her level of interest in me when i tried to talk to her , she's also fairly good looking so likely generates a lot of male interest at the gym and maybe she just though i liked her body. i don't even know if she is single or not , she told me a lot about her life but never mantioned anything about that


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  • Say hello next time you see her. Tell her you hope it won't be 5 months again before you see her next. Hopefully this breaks the ice and you two can talk a bit, and maybe ask were she has been.

    Have you exchanged names?

    Hopefully through the small talk you can determine if she is single, and then offer to take her out for coffee or something.

    • yeah she told me her name earlier in the year , I still remember it , she also told me where she was from ( her hometown ) and where she works in this town but its a child and youth agency so I couldn't go there to see her. I did say hi to her yesterday but didn't get into details or ask her out

    • I'm also not 100% sure if she is single or not , I was under the impression she was earlier this year as I never saw her with any guys at the gym and she has her own car. she also moved away from her hometown to here for work so figured she couldn't of had any reason ( mean guy to stick around for ) but never actually asked to find out for sure

    • Next time you talk to her, you ask questions like, "So did your boyfriend or husband make the move with you?" Then she will say whether she has a boyfriend/husband or not.

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