What kind of person is this?

Ok so I have a friend who dated this guy for while. She asked if he wanted to go out to lunch. She brought money for the both of them, but he didn't and said he couldn't afford to pay for the date. She said he expected her to do it. However he can purchase all the beer he wants to. Her lunch only cost about two 6 packs since they were at a diner.

His mom felt like he shouldn't be dating her because they split their check instead and she asked for a ride home.

Other dates she was the one who asked him to a ball and she didn't pay for his ticket. The mother was annoyed because of it.

He never asks her to go anywhere, not even to the parties he attends.

Does this person seem selfish? The reason he said he doesn't want her to come is because she doesn't like drinking. However he was the one who started flirting with her. He would hug her exclusively. Get jealous of all the guy friends she has.

They got into a fight where he said he couldn't see them as friends.

2 years later he comes back, apologizes and says his reason for his apology is because he now understands what it feels like to be separated from someone who he was close to and can't see them anymore indefinitely. He says he can't find peace without aplogizing.

Then he talks with her about the current person he is seeing, saying he's been on a couple dates and thinks it's going somewhere.

What kind of person is this since I'm confused as hell.

My friend still has feelings for him and I am not sure how to get her to see someone else because she has been alone for the 2 years they were apart. She is upset because he found someone before her.


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  • He wants closure, that's all


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