How can I help my girlfriend when she's scared?

My girlfriend made me watch Teen Mom with her all afternoon. She's starting to feel bad she's worried that the same stuff that goes on on there is gonna happen to us. I'm not sure which season were watching I think it's 2 but I don't know. But one of the girls and her mom were fighting and she was threating her and calling her names. Her mom even said " get out of my fucking face now shut your mouth before I shut it for you ! " then she called her a bitch. That came from her own mom ! Her mom wanted nothing to do with her. That scared my girlfriend. She said were not having kids until we're married after a few years. My girlfriend lives with her uncle. If we had a kid now I'm not sure how he'll handle it that's why we're waiting. She thinks having kids before marriage is bad. She said she's seen it happen its happened to her friends. One of her friends has 2 kids they're dad is on drugs not living with them anymore. She never wants that to happen to us. I told her it wouldn't matter to me when we have kids I love her I'll never leave or do anything to hurt her but she said that's what all guys say. I'm not like other guys. I try to tell her but she just gets upset every time we talk about it. How can I comfort her?


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  • You're in your mid to late 20's why does it matter what others think?


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