So me and this girl have amazing and I mean AMAZING chemistry but she's scared to jump into anything because she wants to move eventually please help?

We've been talking for weeks and at first it was as friends and we got along great and then we started texting more and more and then we started hangin out more and more and then bang one night we kissed and sparks flew and passion was everywhere it was insane and intense and I've never felt that way before EVER. The problem is she's wanting to move and wants to do things for herself and she says it's not fair to me to bring me into it. She also said that the chemistry is amaIng between us and she's not sure what to do. She also said she was in a relationship for 3 years with no sparks where she didn't do things for herself and felt nothing for they man she was with. Then another guy hurt her after that relationship and wouldn't commit to her after she fell for him and now She fell for me only in willing to commit. She said she's scared to be happy and also said she has to move because she hates living here. All I've told her is to go with the flow. What do you Gus think? Am I wasting my time? Is she testing me? Or what is going on?


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  • She says its not fair to bring you into it, but its your choice.

    I'm in college and I fell for a girl who lives over a thousand miles from where I do. We have amazing chemistry and we have only been in a relationship for about a month because of issues like this. I waited so long because I had to decide what I wanted to do once we graduate: would I be willing to leave everything I know to be with her? And I knew she was wondering the same thing which is why we didn't do something sooner.

    If she is moving, it is up to you to decide what to do. Is she worth the risk?


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