Girls, You like a guy, but your asked out by another guy, what do you do?

There are 2 guys you are acquainted with. One is really good looking, nice, friendly, funny, etc. You really like him, but he doesn't seem to like you as more then a friend (although you dont know for sure). At the same time there is another guy who isn't as good looking, friendly, or funny as the other guy who asks you out. What do you do?
  • I date the guy who asked me out, and forget about liking the other guy
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  • I turn down the guy that asked me out, and try to get the guy I like to ask me out
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  • I turn down the guy that asked me out, and ask out the guy I like out myself
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  • I do absolutely nothing
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  • I'm a guy
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Even if I liked Guy 1 I would just keep him in the Friends category until he made a move.

    • This is kind of what I was afraid of seeing when asking this question. So even if this guy is amazing he isn't worth going after for you? You would be okay with dating a less awesome guy just because he makes a move?

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    • Its not that I like a particular girl, its just I wish girls showed more interest in me. Like even if they are interested in me I never know because they are waiting for me to do something. It just makes me mad that I always have to do everything.

    • That's the way everyone feels. That's why you have say something

Most Helpful Guy

  • They pick the tall jackdd athletic one


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What Girls Said 2

  • Well if I don't like the guy that asks me out, I say no. There is no use hurting anyone's feelings down the road by saying yes to a guy I don't like. If the guy I like seems to just see me as a friend, I will continue to be his friend and hope that he sees me as something more someday. And it might not be that the guy who asked me out is less good looking, or less friendly or funny, it is a matter of whether I like the guy or not and how well I know him

  • I will date the guy who ask me out, if I like him back.


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