Dating guys that are tight with money?

This isn't a gold digging post or post about poor guys. This is about two people with expendable income. I spend well over $100 making Coq au Vin and he watches the while cooking process and also knows enough about the ingredients to know it is an expensive meal. I don't make meals like this because they are expensive or for myself. I made it because I know it is a dish i can make for him that tastes amazing and is virtually impossible to find de right on the U. S. In a restaurant. This is merely an example and not something I think of until I realized he's never suggested a nice restaurant to take me to or cooked a nice meal or breakfast for me. For his birthday I took him to a restaurant of his choice and spent several hundred dollars.

He makes way more than me and I like nice restaurants so it wasn't a problem. But I this was in the beginning of our relationship. I always thought no problem he'll do nice things for me too but he best I got was Pho on my period. Which is great! But I spent thousands paying my way to events he wanted to attend.

Men these days seem to think that all women want or all men have to offer is money. I would NEVER want anyone to think I was with them for financial reasons and I can more than support myself. So I have no problem showing my spending power and ability to live in my own.

But I find men of all income take advantage of this. Guys that earn less are no surprise and they often are at first slightly unsure whether they should let me pay. But guys on the higher income scale don't even question it. They let me pay, then pay, then pay.

The dates aren't expensive so it really isn't a matter of money it is just really fucking annoying. My ex started paying for meals because I don't really eat a lot so obviously most of the bill was him.

Men do you get equally frustrated with women who rarely pay?

For me it isn't even about the stupid money I just want to feel special once. I just want him to want to make me feel good. I cook dishes I've cooked before and they taste amazing when I cook for him because of the extra detail I pay. Because I love him and I make it out of love.


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  • Same. You need to step up and tell him. He's getting it all for free so obviously he's not going to see the problem


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