Would you rather settle your standards or be alone?

I'm a guy who was raised in a military family, and I don't mean reserves I mean several were Rangers and even a Green Beret, the one marine was considered a pansy,

anyway we we consider certain aspects of life non negotiable romance and love one of them, I would never sleep around or even do light flings as to me that's a waste of time and disrespect, however in the same token I wouldn't date a girl who was sweet had a lot of things in common etc, if she wasn't physically attractive (at least if she wasn't very attractive to me) and never once have I felt bad about that, or even after a number of rejections considered changing that, hell a couple years back my body was pushed past its limit and I lost nails and hair etc, nails returned, scalp hair did not, now even with my chromdome I don't consider settling on standards personality or looks wise. Now I'm not saying I'm ridiculous like 'she needs this color hair or this personality' as long as she is attractive, returns the interest and we can hold a conversation and she is commited to Thats all I need,

my point in this is that I've seen too many friends give a girl a shot they didn't find attractive, or who they knew were bitches etc and it never once works, the other person betrays them or, they themselves don't value the other as much due to lack of attraction and leads to pain for the other, I know this is more a my take now, but to me personally I'd rather be alone than with a girl who was cruel or was plain or unattractive to me, and Id personally rather be dead than alone my whole life, sounds extreme but hey-military family, I've also jumped out of a plane for fun so I dont bullshit- however I'm curious about others view on this


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  • Actually I kind of agree with you. I think if you date someone you should be planning to continue the relationship, and its really stupid people who just mess about and waste time on pointless relationships that will either mean nothing to them or they regret.

    For some people they may find that they don't want to ever date at all and that's fine, but if you want to pursue a relationship and love being with the other person then that's good too:) just as long as they are both committed to each other.


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