Guys, How do you decide what girl to ask out?

I dont know how to do this. Apparently I take a girls perspective when I do this, because I like multiple girls at once and wait for them to give me some signs that they like me, but since I'm a guy apparently I can't do this because the girls are all waiting for me to do something (they dont initiate anything themselves). Therefore I have no idea how to decide, I am interested in about 4 girls right now. They are all single, all attractive, and all reasonably friendly with me, I've spent about 3 months hoping one of them would stand out from the others by displaying interest in me, but apparently not, how then do I decide who to ask out?


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  • I'm in the same boat. It's harder for guys who go based off of personality or find multiple girls attractive. I'd say to start with whichever one you I interact with most frequently. then go based off of which is more receptive to flirting. Just give a compliment and see how each responds

  • I go for the one I like the most and take her on an awesome date.


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