Guys, why is it when a guy asks the girl out or a girl asks the guy out, why does he suggest a place closer to his home ra? (First date) read-update?

I have declined dates like these, and it has made me shy away from dating anyone who doesn't live near me...
By the guy asking to go on a date near his home (like Applebee's or Buffalo Wild Wings) I think he may not have honorable intentions and try to invite me to his home/apartment, to try and make a move or have sex... I could be wrong but I don't know.

I would also think he's honestly lazy if he does not want to put fourth the effort into driving an equal distance for a date, if I'd be willing to.

Am I wrong? Partially right? No comment?

I prefer to meet halfway, (if it's a first date or something) or near my turf because I will not be inviting the person home, and they would be less likely to invite themselves, or me back home with them if the distance were further.

Please offer an opinion and don't be all offended... It's just a question
nothing has sparked it, it's been implied by some before, it is not a generalized statement about all guys.
please don't comment if you're going to be rude.


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  • In terms of the guy asking. I don't know I can only assume they know the local stuff better. And local is from whats ever around him. If its the girl asking then she should know places closer to her home

  • I've never taken a girl out close to my home. To me I don't asdume were gonna have sex so its kinda like I'm doing it to be romantic not for sex (but if that's a bonus then I'm all for it)

  • Do these guys know which area you live in to suggest something close to you?

    • Yeah, I tell them the area I reside in and they'll want me to come to them... Which from me would be 45 minute drive or more.

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