Does he like me yes or no?

I flirted with this guy a few times on social media. For example I complimented him on being a good drummer and he sent me just a heart-eyed emoji a minute later. Another time I tweeted him and said something about him not being attractive in a joking way under a photo of him and he retweeted and favorited it. A couple months later I saw him at a gig where his bad played, so I decided to walk up to him. He saw me, starred at me and looked away very quickly and continued talking to another girl who was younger than me. But he kept on turning his head to look at me, into my eyes and looking away. When the girl left, he walked over to me. He just looked at me with his mouth slightly opened, his eyebrows a bit raised and his eyes a bit wider than usual, but he didn't smile. We held our eye contact for a good 4 to 5 seconds but it was weird it was like we were the only 2 in the room. I never felt that way before usually when I make eye contact with someone I don't know, who's attractive, I look away quickly from embarrassment, but this felt comforting like it was right and it made me happy. Then he hugged me and said "hey" and I said hey and then he walked away quickly backstage and didn't come back out afterwards. His bandmates were there the remaining of the time but not him. That gave me mixed signals but I think he got scared or had to go to the bathroom or had tight pants lmao. I asked my friend, who was next to me while this all happened, what she thought about me and him at that moment and she said there was something definitely there. And just recently, he posted a photo of himself on Instagram and I said, "damn you make me want to knit both of us matching sweaters." and he responded a minute later saying "I'd wear it." Just to let you know, a lot of girls have a crush on him and post flirty comments and I was the only one he responded too. I feel like he does have some kind of interest in me but he's making it difficult. What do you guys think?
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What Guys Said 1

  • He doesn't :/ :(


What Girls Said 1

  • I'd have to go with no. He's had plenty of opportunity to ask for your number to start things and he hasn't which is a bad sign.


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