Can some girls give me some advice?

I live in Hamilton, Ontario, and I've been facebooking/ snapchatting/ and texting a girl in Joliet, Illinois (+- 500 miles distance) everyday for a month and a half so far. I met her in August, saw her in the beginning of October when she was visiting Toronto, then again when I was in Joliet in late October. We would talk here and there, but weve been talking everyday since Halloween. I was just down in Joliet for Thanksgiving, and we went out for dinner and had a great time, however I don't think it was a "date" per say as neither of us have ever mentioned it that way. I really like this girl and would love to make our friendship more than "just friends". I've never been in a "long term" relationship, and I've never felt this way about any girl I've met before. I don't want to just come out and tell her how I feel, as most people's opinion is that would scare a girl away, but on the other hand, how long can just stringing along chatting last? How would i go about making it happen? There is a lot of advice in this world, but very little when it comes to a long distance situation.

few more details:
-she is my sister in law's cousin (would that make it awkward at all?)
-theres only 2 years age difference
-she seems to be comfortable around me (she sends me snaps first thing in the morning, late at night, or right after the gym (not made up) )
-her parents have met me a few times, they seem to like me
-Im in Joliet area quite often (I have a lot of family there) and she expressed interest to my brother and sister in law about tagging along whenever they come up to Canada

im just looking for some advice from a girls perspective, what would be the best way to take this to the next level (bf/gf)?


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