Why is it that when a girl goes out with a guy all of a sudden every girl likes him?

example my cousin recently started going out with this girl now every girl and school likes him and its just weird


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  • The reason women are attracted to a guy who's already sorrounded by girls or is occupied in terms of relationship is very simple.

    It's called the "pre-selection principle". If a guy is already attractive to one woman, then it means he has what's required to be attractive. Therefore when women see an occupied man or a man who's physically sorrounded by girls, they are automatically also attracted to him.

    It is very powerful, for the guys out there, if you want to make a little experiment. Ask two of your female friends to accompany you and walk into a crowded place full of girls. I assure you, you'd have every girl in the scene glaring at you in a positive-attractive manner.



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  • I read an article in MetroXpress, and it seemed very valid, as it was backed up by scientists and their reearch. I'll make it short:

    Women (and also some men) want what they can't have. Why? Because it's probably better than what they already have.

    This applies to dating as well. (I spmplify this, there is of course more to it, but it's a long time since I read the article)

    For the research, an enormous bunch of women were asked who they would take if they could pick between a single or a taken guy. Most of them wanted the guy, who had a girlfriend. Why? Because he has a girlfriend! That must make him worthy to be one's boyfriend. He's successful, and thus, he's wanted.

    Evil circle, I know.

  • People by nature want what they can't have.


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  • Here's an extract from Jena Pincott, the author of Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes? It really sheds some light


    If you believe that all the good men are already taken, doesn’t it follow that you’d be more interested in a married (or otherwise engaged) guy? It’s been found to be true of other female animals — even fish and birds — they all prefer to “poach” males already chosen by other females. And I describe in BLONDES, studies have found that men who are in the company of an attractive woman (especially if they’re smiling at him) are more desirable to female judges.

    But are women more likely to chase that guy if he’s already taken?

    Psychologists at the University of Oklahoma wanted to know, so they recruited nearly 200 heterosexual men and women, some of whom were single and others who were in relationships. Told only that they were participating in a study on attraction, they were shown a photo of an opposite-sex stranger and answered questions about their attraction to that person: How likely would you show interest? How likely would you be to initiate conversation? How likely would you be to initiate a romantic relationship with this person? The psychologists also attached a relationship status to the person in the photo: either single or in a relationship.

    Turns out the relationship status made a tremendous difference — but only when it comes to women choosing men, and not the other way around. As expected, women in relationships were less attracted to the stranger than single women were, regardless of the man’s relationship status. But here’s the interesting result: single women were more attracted to the man, and more likely to initiate a relationship with him, when told he was in a relationship than when told he was single. According to the psychologists, an attached man signals desirable resources and a willingness to commit to family life. He’s been tested, “pre-screened.” Simply put, commitment makes men more attractive.

  • I think usually people carry themselves a little different. Plus like for example for girls we always dress better and take better care of ourselves so our bfs are attracted to us. And I have seen my boyfriend do the same for me. So yes I think it's becuase we take better care of ourselves when we are dating someone. plus our confidence level seems to go up as well. and ya who doesn't like a confident guy!