What would you do if you found that your dates close female friend is his ex? And you don't know if they are still together?

I've been dating this guys for two months and I noticed there's a girl sends him message very often. She's in other country now and I thought they are just close friends.
But i just found that they were together two years ago. My date had other girlfriend after her. But they contact very often and he went to her country last month for work and meet friends. I saw their picture but there's other people with them.
Should I ask him?
need both girl and guys opinion. Thanks.


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  • you should ask him, but don't sound too worried or jealous. just be strong but nonchalant about it.

    • I think they are not together now...
      I don't know if I should care about this. What if they were together and now contact very often? It seems there's nothing I could do:( even I ask him, can't change anything...

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