He's still not texting me?

Followup to this question https://www.girlsaskguys.com/dating/q1821473-should-i-take-this-as-a-sign-that-he-s-not-interested

He's been online on Facebook, we've been both online at the same time, a couple of times.
Sigh... What do you do when someone isn't obviously interested? Im feeling really sad :(
  • Yes, he's obviously not interested. Give it up.
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  • No, wait a bit more. Give it a few days.
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Although, there could be a possibility that he's waiting for me to text him. I dont know.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I know it's not easy but u just gotta move on to the next... there's tons of dudes out there. Hope u feel better soon


Most Helpful Girl

  • If it's only been two days, I wouldn't give up yet. If he initiated the date or paid for anything, text him telling him thank you and that you enjoyed it. And then go from there based on how he responds. But if he initiated it, I don't see anything wrong with telling him thank you and that you enjoyed it

    • He asked me out, yes. But Im scared if I said something he didn't like, or he didn't like how I looked..
      The more time passes by, the more I get the feeling that I bored him maybe.
      Because this never happened to me before, guys always text me after.

    • And if that's the case, Id rather not be a pushover, since he already obviously doesn't want to text me..

    • If that's how you feel, then i'd say just let it go. But if you want to initiate contact, I don't see any harm in sending a thank you/had fun. It let's him know you had a good time and then the ball is in his court. And THEN if he doesn't respond, then you'll know.

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  • You can't do anything just move on


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  • Maybe just message him instead


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