How to play a guy at his own game?

Okay so long story short I dated/seeing a guy for about a month back in September. He started playing games and I got the feeling he had lost interest. He soon went ghost on me for a month before coming back as nothing had happened. No excuse. No apology. Nothing. I bluntly replied and he began taking forever to reply again so I ignored him.

Things got heated over a drunk text one night & since then he purses me like mad. He then dropped off the face of the earth, taking 3 days to return my message. I ignored it done with the crap. He then messaged me again 2 weeks later. A very crude message.

I I ignored that one also. 2 weeks after that (yesterday) he messaged me now on FB saying 'I take it that's a no to my message.' I replied to this one & I get the hint he doesn't like being played at his own game.

So so I thought with all the fuckboys I've had to encounter why not play them at their own game. Give them a taste of their own medicine! Can anyone help me with this? I've never been one to play games as I don't like to hurt other people, but enough is enough! I've already played him at his own texting game! Now what do I do?


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  • Stop the games and be mature. Cut all communication with him and move on

    • Trust me I've done that most of my dating life & well for once I would like to put them into the girls shoes & give them a taste of their own medicine. Too many guys think it's okay to get away with it & I feel sorry for the girls that fall for it.

    • The problem is you're thinking with your brain and they're thinking with their dicks. Since you don't have one you'll never be able to mount a counter attack. Take my advice

    • he is right , the dude probably wants sex and you want revenge, if he doesn't get sex he will upset but nothing more will come out of it but if you try playing this game you will be wasting precious time on someone without even knowing what he really wants.

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