How likely is this guy going to follow through on this date?

So I have been seeing this guy for a week but in that first week saw each other 5 times. A few dinners, Christmas activities, all very nice things. The last time I saw him (Sunday night) things got a little awkward because he was pushing for sex and I had to firmly tell him no at this stage because we are just learning about each other. After every other date it was always him being like when can I see you again. On Sunday, I said so when am I seeing you again, he goes "Not sure yet I need to look at my schedule, but maybe Thursday, I will let you know, maybe earlier." I say "ok, great that is when im done with finals so could work." He says " Ya that's what I thought so I'll let you know."

Now this was in person on Sunday. We don't talk a lot texting, more like every other day and its usually just to confirm plans or to see if we can spontaneously hang out between the planned dates. So I didn't hear from him yesterday (doesn't bother me), but the plans were just so vageuly made and I felt that he was disappointed that I put the brakes on sex. What do you guys think about him following up about Thursday?


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  • I don't think he'll get back to you. He sounds flakey


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