Why is he doing this?

So I was dating a guy for 5 months, things ended... I heard he moved on and I started to move on as well, but he texted me yersterday saying a film reminded him of him and me... And then later that evening drunk texted me... Why? For she still have feelings?
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  • It sounds like this could very well end up to be, @Roberts1, a Full Circle Problem Pattern of Here Today... Gone tomorrow, leaving you again and again with nothing but sorrow.
    He probably Is Missing and the Kissing and Not Doing Both with Anyone right now, so thought he would get up with you for a Little Straight Texting and Then... Pie eyed Texting as well.
    It's your choice, your call and all, if you want to give him a Call. But in my Book of Etiquette he is most likely Back for a quick roll in the hay, and may feel he can Text and have Sex anytime he is around town.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks for the advice! It was me that ended it... And thing wernt on good terms... That's why I'm so confused by it all, thank you for the advice xx

    • Okay, still, go slow with Joe and find out his Own motives... He may want a friends with benefits relationship or a date here and there or to go back to a date mate situation.. Feel it out and happy to oblige, @Roberts1 :)) xxoo

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