Its real life not a movie right... ?

Just from talking to few girls and dating i've managed to realized that girls think RL is a movie... they expect to treat a guy badly and have him chasing them asking for forgiveness ( happens... to an extent) , or they act all sad and upset waiting for the guy to come ask what's up? or (something i usually encounte ) showing lots of signs they like a guy and how much they want him but when he does make a move or something (note: the guy is usually attractive ) they either shoot him down or act completley uninterested... iam just astonished at how weird the girls expectations from us are , iam like " well i've gathered my confidince to talk or add this hot chick , and now she wants more? i dont think i can do more " ... iam talking from a normal guys point of view, someone has a good personality, something to offer, not rich and doesn't have lots of things to offer ( mostly himself ) so doing more can be a bit of a problem...


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  • They will realize they might not find a perfect Prince Charming. Usually it happens in the early twenties.

  • Yeah some girls think life is like a movie and some guys think life is like porn


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