Was it wrong of me to assume it was a date?

This guy and I have been talking for about a month now and we text each other all the time. Even stay after school just to hang out with eachother. His friends tell me he likes me and mine tell him that I like him. I asked him if he wanted to hang out sometime last weekend and he said sure! He told me to choose what we did so I picked an ice skating rink and date and time for it. I never brought up anything about who's paying because I wasn't sure if it was a date but then he said he's paying so I atomically assumed that meant it was? We had a nice time he bought dinner the ice skating tickets and everything. But later my friend asked him how our "date" went and he said "I didn't even know it was a date fam" and it really confused me considering the circumstances... And now I feel dumb. But should I have not assumed it was a date or was it wrong of him not to clarify? It turns out he doesn't want a relationship just because he recently got out of one. but he later made it very clear that he likes me so it isn't that he didn't want it to be date, but I guess he just thought it wasn't?


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  • Hmm well, those are clear indications of a date, but you were the one to set it all up and never said it was a date, so maybe that's why he assumed it wasn't a date, also cause girls very rarely ask guys out on dates, so he just thought it was two friends hanging out. Or maybe he wants just sex with you, not a relationship that's why he didn't see it as a date, cause he is wants nothing serious.
    But I'm just guessing here.


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  • maybe look at the positive you guys have more time to decide if its right.


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