Where the heck is this girl?

So i went on 3 dates with this pretty girl but until now i haven't heard from her?
She told me she enjoyed it in the end and said we have to hang out again soon
What do you think i should do?
Call her?
Text her?
Move on?

P. S i arranged all these three dates and i was the one who is making effort but i am not seeing any effort from her. On the other hand she accepts my offers immediately, Not sure if she is lazy or not into me?


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  • Have you spoken to her since the last date, in any form? If you have and she hasn't responded, leave the ball in her court.

    With regard to your Postscript, you're sort of seeing it for yourself right now. I went out with a girl like this: I was the one arranging all the dates and suggesting we get together, which she always and enthusiastically accepted. This apathy from her started to bug me (she never had ideas of her own of what to do next and just followed my lead) so after our final date I left it open for her to suggest something. Not really surprised I never heard from her again. She probably figured I fell off the face of the earth or something and lacked the initiative to actually text me and say hello.

    • I haven't. I thought oh okay let me see if she will actually make a effort and text but she didn't. Although she suggested many things on the final date to do later when we meet up again.
      Yea this is really not cool from these girls. i am just worried that she got used to me initiating the contact with her that's why she is not doing anything at all.. because she also gave me the lead.

    • My only other advice is to ask yourself if you're really that into her, or rather: if she never responds again, how disappointed will you really be?

    • To be honest i dig her. It's unlikely for her to not respond back. But she might turn me down if i asked her for another date, therefore i am taking it easy.

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  • How would I know? I don't live with her!


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  • Do you like being the person who always makes the effort, can you imagine a relationship with this dynamic moving forward?

    I'd move on, unless I was just bored and had no real expectations with her, if that were the case I may still ask her out once in awhile if I couldn't find another date.

    • Nope that's why i stopped maintaining connection with her after the 3rd date because i've noticed i was the one who is making all things happen and she just accept my offer.
      So i said Next and i moved on :)
      I would only ask her again if i wanted to bang her lol.

  • Don't put all your eggs into one basket with girls, mate.

    • I agree, also they don't really deserve full attention from us/you/we.

    • It's more just you don't owe them that kind of treatment right off the hop, nor do they really expect it. Date/talk to multiple women at once, plant your seeds and see what grows, and then decide who you're trying to see most often. There's no point in devoting all of your time to some girl you've seen for 3 dates when you can devote some of your time to multiple women.

      She could be busy, right? So instead of sitting at home pondering 'why isn't she talking to me' you could be out on a date with some other broad having a good time.

    • You're right!
      I am talking to multiply women, but i haven't really gotten to date them.. since the physical attraction is zero i don't see myself being with them as much as that curvy girl i dated lol.
      I'll move on completely if she didn't message me in these two days.

  • I think if she doesn't show you something back like initiating some contact then it's time to move on.

    • It's been 4 days already i kinda moved on but i will completely do that after one week.

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