I want to ask out a friend, how do I do it?

I get that I really just need to man up and ask her, but I don't know what to say. We've been friends for a while and get along amazing, I just don't know how to add a romantic element to our relationship.


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  • Ask her out. Just do it.

    Here's what I did until I came to a place in my life where my pride means nothing to me:

    1. Ask her out face to face. This is the best way to do it. Proves you have balls, and integrity.

    2. If you can't directly ask her out on a date, since she's your friend just invite her to do something together. Pick something friends can do together but isn't a date, but have it be just the two of you.

    3. Worst comes to worst, if you have no balls at all, type out a short text telling her you're interested and asking her out. (Seriously, short. If you send her a biography you're fucked.) And then sit there with it open and fight with your nerves over hitting send. It's easier to conquer hitting the send button than it is telling her. Yes, you're telling her, but you distance yourself from that fact by merely focusing on hitting send.

    4. Just kiss her or something. Hey, you'll find out for sure then. Christmas is coming up, find some mistletoe and rather than a peck on the cheek, actually kiss her. If she kisses back, she likes you. If not, hey it's tradition. You didn't have a choice.



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