About dating a single parent... ?

The guy I'm seeing already has kid. I knew that from the start but we've been together for a few months and he thought it's time I met his son, and it suddenly got very real.
He is also quite open about his intentions. He says he is dating partly so that his kid will grow up with a mother. So that's what he is looking for. The birth mother out of the picture, I think she had drug issues, she waived her rights anyways. The kids is 9 months old, so still a baby. And I'm just considering my options.

I would have never thought that I'd date a single father, but he is quite a catch. Good looking, wealthy, obviously good with kids and wants a family. He is also fine with waiting to have sex and how often do you get that?
And I always wanted a family as well, so the more the merrier, right?

But then it's a lot of responsiblity, which I didn't think I would have at my age. I wonder what my family will think? So ya, would or you would you not date a single parent? And why or why not?


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  • I have had a similar situation with a single mother who was much older than me about 32. My answer is yes I would date a single parent if we had enough in common and really liked each other and wanted the same things. So if I wanted to have a kid one day she would need to also want that despite already having one not that i would treat her kid any different than my own if we really got serious. the reason aside from attraction and compatibility would be I like that a single parent would know what they wanted in life and would be ready for commitment and having life experience is also attractive to me


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