Ideas for a teen guy who wants to get break the ice with a friends sister?

So a really good friend of mine just moved back to the area and is coming over with his family soon. I've always thought his sister was really sweet, but she spends most of her time with girls and I with guys so our paths haven't crossed aside from one or two short chats. I would like to break the ice with her and at least become friends, maybe more. They still don't live very close, they will be spending an afternoon with us and I want to leave some kind of impression with her.

They always bring gifts, so I was thinking about some kind of appropriate gift? Not looking for something flirty, but thoughtful.

also, is there something I can do or say that will help to keep me in her mind?

Lastly, is it a good idea to try and get her brothers help on this? We talk a lot, and she's his big sister, so he's not like crazy protective or anything.


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  • "Lastly, is it a good idea to try and get her brothers help on this?" Do that and that's exactly what i was going to say LOL.

  • That's still breaking the bro code bro

  • As a fellow male individual: Approaching one bro's sister without that bro's explicit consent is treachery and punishable by a lifetime of cruel emasculating jokes to which you may not defend yourself.

    That said, the usual tropes. Be a little bolder than normal. Leave at the high notes instead of the low. If you do not have the luxury of having big balls yet, imagine you did.

    • I was thinking this may be the case, but I'm a little torn over it because I'm not asking to date her or anything, so I'm not sure what to say. "Hey, I like your sister and I want to talk to her more this time?" It just sound weird

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