Crush and facebook request?

So i sent a facebook friend request to this girl in my class however though she hasn't accepted it or rejected it. Even though i did notice that she did add another friend (girl) on facebook since the day i sent my request. She's a pretty conservative girl and has her whole family added on it. I just dont know what to think of it. From the way i talked to her and the way she looks at me in class i felt that she was intrested. However though i dont know why she hasn't just rejected the request. Is this a sign she isn't intrested?
It still shows "friend request sent"


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  • I wouldn't take it too personally, i don't think it's something you shoud worry about.


What Guys Said 1

  • Well she did rejected you but the reason why is unknown. Could be that she's like you too and nervous and dont know what to do or just wants her family and girl pals to be her FB friends.


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