Guys, I want to have the exclusive talk with the guy I'm seeing but how do I go about it to keep it casual?

I've been seeing a guy just short of 2 months. I've had dinner with his best friend and his best friends fiancé and when I stay over at his he'll leave me in his house alone while he goes to work. He is looking for a long term relationship and has said the minute he doesn't see a future with someone he ends it so he doesn't waste anyone's time.

I want to have the exclusive talk and just say that im not seeing anyone else and I'm not interested in seeing anyone else and just wanna see where his heads at so I don't get hurt?

How do do I go about it to keep it casual and no pressure? As far as I'm aware he's not seeing anyone else but I just wanna have that chat anyway because communication is important

Any help would be great!


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